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Based Out of San Jose, CA

We are located in San Jose, CA.We are partnered with Bay Area Extract to create two awesome products. We have our famous "Shatter Sauce" which is a medicated BBQ sauce that is great on anything. And of course we make the Original Shatter Infused THC Syrup "HIGHTECH GANJACEUTICALS". We have six flavors of our HIGHTECH that puts it apart from any other THC Syrup out there.

The Best THC Syrup On the Market

Hightech 800mg

  • 800mg of cannabis extract per 4oz bottle.
  • Made with the highest quality shatter.
  • 6 flavors: Strawberry, Grape, Sour Apple, Watermelon, Orange, and Vanilla.
  • Made with clear agave for a light crisp finish.

Hightech 1 Gram

  • Upped dosage to 1 full gram of top shelf shatter.
  • Refreshing Peach/mint flavor.
  • Made with clear agave for a light crisp finish
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BBQ Brothas Shatter Sauce

Bbq Brothas make the original Shatter Sauce, this is one savory BBQ dipping sauce. Using only the highest quality shatter all done by Bay Area Extract, we are confident every customer will be satisfied. So good you can put it on anything.

SHatter Sauce

  • 500mg of cannabis extract per 8oz bottle.
  • Home made recipe, with a sweet savory finish.
  • Fresh ingredients, roasted garlic and roasted pineapple.
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Slow AND Steady

Eating cannabis can cause a much stronger and longer lasting affect than smoking, so it’s important to take special care when using our products. Our products are of the hightest quality and we just want you to have the best experience possible. We recommend starting with a small dose first, waiting at least one hour and adjusting as needed.


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We would love to talk to you about how you can get your hands on our amazing products. Email us at quebrothas@gmail.com or leave your information below and we will get back to you.

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